It’s an encounter with time. a gathering of silences, listening, and poetry.

A meeting with memory occurs. a gathering of information, tastes, and wrinkles.

It’s an encounter with beauty. a chance encounter with rocks, scars, and textures.

It’s an encounter with the future. a gathering of trails, travels, and paths.

a woman wearing a facemask standing on a field, an artistic photo of João Versos Roldão

ALDEAR is an encounter.

Aldear is a cultural initiative that brings together 11 villages and communities in the municipalities of Douro, Tâmega, and Sousa. A collaboration between regional identities and 15 modern artistic creation institutions from throughout the nation. Aldear is a multidisciplinary artistic project, on a human scale, focused on people and seeking a different time. Eleven public sharing events based on artistic routes, group performances, installations, and conversations will result from this meeting of processes. Aldear, the project’s suggested name, is a synonym for “gathering,” “populating,” “establishing,” “reuniting,” and “enjoying.” It intends to “strengthen, value local talents and identity, and empower communities, leading to a sense of belonging for the populations involved.”

Luís Sousa Ferreira

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